Duster Site Receives Facelift

The Dustertoday is an online newspaper that exists to serve the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Lubbock Christian University. TheDuster, like the entire LCU.edu website, has received a facelift and we are extremely excited about the new look as we move into the summer months and look further ahead to the fall semester.

Students are what make the Duster what it is and we would like to encourage those students interested in being a member of the online writing staff to apply for a position. A one-hour credit class (ECA 1150 or ECA 2150) is also available to those wishing to enroll.  

Writing for the Duster is a great way to get more involved on campus, be recognized by professors and peers, even improve writing skills and add to your resume’. Help us as we make The Dustertoday even more accessible to peers and staff members alike. 

Keep changing, keep trying new things, but remember the ideals and morals that are taught here at LCU. Those are qualities we should strive for consistently. Those are the qualities that truly change lives. 

If interested in writing for The Dustertoday, please contact Shenai.Alonge at shenai.alonge@lcu.edu for more details.