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BLUR: One Body, Many Stories

Brandon Greer, Staff Writer

Nov. 22, 2013

Student-led worship service proves to be powerful evening

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BLUR is presented two times during each semester on the LCU campus.

The Lubbock Christian University students that entered the McDonald Moody Auditorium for the student-led worship assembly known as BLUR were met with a pleasant surprise. In the middle of the stage was a small, faux campfire, constructed out of wood and lights. Huddled around it were the four student speakers of the night, all of the members of Best Friends, and several other notable faces from around campus. The entire evening evoked a feeling of intimacy over a group around a campfire, singing under the stars. After a few songs, the student speakers, one-by-one, shared their testimony.

The four speakers were each well-known student figures on campus: Lindsay Roach, Afton Adkins, Ben Satchell and Markese Bohanon. To share each of their testimonies on paper would devoid each story of the passion and power behind it. It was an incredible experience, because the emotion surrounding their stories and their paths to God brought the student body together. I, for one, was crying.

Listening to these people, who I had only known as distant friends, share their struggles and their pain, was exactly what I needed. It is exactly what we need. To hear the stories of others, to hear the testimony of those who were lost and then found, is to see God in an entirely new light. The title of this Blur was “One Body, Many Stories,” and it fit. The truth behind Blur is that all members of the body of Christ, no matter how important or unimportant one might think they are, have a story to tell. What else can we do but listen?

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