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Senior Profile - Charly Gibson

Shannon Sudduth, Staff Writer

Nov. 22, 2013

Teaching career ahead for December graduate

Charly Gibson
Charly Gibson will graduate in December.

Charly Gibson is a senior at Lubbock Christian University. While at LCU she has been involved in Christliche Damen and Kappa Delta Pi. She is graduating in December with a degree in Education, and has loved every minute of being part of the LCU family. Early on, she fell in love with the environment and the professors at the university.

"Everybody cares about one another and wants you to succeed," Charly shared.

Charly states this from her own experience. She was telling a story about how Dr. (David) Peebles, a (math) professor on the LCU faculty, who in a loving way asked her to leave class because she was wearing shorts. If you know Dr. Peebles, then you know that he is one who does that quite often. She explained to him, however, that after his class she was going to teach recreational time at an elementary school. He quickly understood what she was saying, but then added that next time she should just put some sweats over her shorts. While laughing she remarked, "I love Dr. Peebles!"

Memories like these are what made up the college experience for Charly Gibson. As she gets closer to graduating as an education major she is also going through the student teaching program.

"It is a lot of work" she said of the demands of student teaching, but she loves being able to get to meet and teach different kids and the rewarding feelings that it brings. Moments such as when a student says that they actually get what she is teaching and knowing that she made an impact on their lives are special.

Her plans after she graduates are to be looking for a job and subbing. "I also plan on applying to graduate programs for hopefully the fall of next year," she said in closing.

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