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Senior Profile - Heather Lawless

Shannon Sudduth, Staff Writer

Dec. 3, 2013

December graduate looks to work in radio as a career

heather lawless
Heather Lawless will graduate next week as a Mass Communication major and she plans on a career in radio broadcasting.

Heather Lawless is a student at Lubbock Christian University, who will be graduating this December. She is a Mass Communication major with an emphasis in Mass Media. As most majors require at LCU, Heather received an internship at a radio station here in Lubbock. She loved it and was great at it, so they offered her a part-time position after she graduates and she is hoping that some day this what she will be doing full time.

While at LCU Heather also was the station manager for the new Chap Radio. It opened this year and with the help of professors and students it has been such an accomplishment for the school. Not only does Heather help run this state of the art studio, she also has her own radio show. She is one of the first people at LCU who has a show, and has found a talent that she hopes to pursue in the future. She does her show once a week for the entire semester.

"It's really cool getting to go back and compare some of my earlier shows to my more recent shows," says Heather. "I have had a blast being on air and I am really grateful to have had that experience."

As a communications major, Heather is part of a small, close group of students. The professors in this department, like many others on campus, care so much about their students, and want to see them succeed. One of the professors that Heather mentions, who made an impact on her life, is Shawn Hughes.  He teaches many classes in this department, and is loved by all of his students. In fact, Heather's favorite class has been "Announcing" that was taught by Hughes.

"I really enjoyed that class because a lot of my friends were in that class and we got to learn a lot about announcing and radio," she shared. Another professor that has impacted her life was Dr. Ethan Brown, who no longer teaches at LCU. He was a Bible professor and Heather has stated that he was "an absolutely amazing teacher and taught (me) so much."

When asked what advice she would give freshmen, now that she is a senior, and has experienced LCU, she said, "Make lots of memories.  It might not seem like it now, but college really does go by fast. So live for today and let tomorrow worry about itself."

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