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Follies Madness

Cori Newsom, Staff Writer

Jan. 31, 2014

Practice makes perfect, and Follies requires just that - a lot of practice.

LOA, Master Follies 2013

Lubbock Christian University’s spring semester started out in a rush as all prospective pledges were officially inducted into their social clubs. Now that the week of trials, tears, and laughter is over, the social clubs are preparing for the one and only Master Follies! As awesome as Master Follies is, the members of all eight clubs have to put in many hours of time and energy a week to make their part of the show good enough to win first place (or in Sub-T’s case, win People’s Choice).

For those out there who are new to this Lubbock Christian University tradition, Master Follies is a show put on by all the social clubs at the school. Each club has to come up with a story line based around the year’s theme. The task of the clubs, then, is to create song parodies to go with their story line and to choreograph an entire show. The clubs all perform their shows during Homecoming weekend, along with the hosts and hostesses who sing between acts.

After three live performances, and numerous votes from audience members, the top club shows are awarded first and second place, but there are also three other rewards: Spirit of Follies, People’s Choice, and Special Effects. In the weeks leading up to Follies, all of the clubs are allowed a maximum of three hours every day to practice choreography, singing, and acting for what will end up being a six minute section of the entire Follies show.

Three hours every day is a lot of time for a six minute show. All the club members put a lot of hard work into it on top of doing homework and, often, working. The show requires a lot of effort, just like any other preparation for a production, not to mention the older members have to learn how to teach everything to the new members of club as well. However, most club members find the experience rewarding. There is a lot of bonding throughout the process and an enormous amount of satisfaction when they get to show all of their hard work on stage.

Here is what two current club members have to say about practicing for Master Follies:

"My favorite part of practice is the stage rehearsal. Since we already know what we’re going to do, it’s easier to lay it out there on stage just so we can get even more comfortable with what we have already." – Jacob Cumpian, Sophomore, Kyodai

"Our practices are awesome! Our directors are Abby White and Rachel Baisden and they are doing such a great job. It’s been running really smoothly and going so well. When we nail a song and pull it all together, just seeing Abby freak out is always good to see because then you know your work has paid off." – Mercedes Weast, Freshman, Zeta Gamma

The directors are putting their all into their practices. With great members to carry out their vision, all the clubs will be showing off their hard work to the Committee this week. Don’t let their practices be in vain. If you haven’t already purchased them, go to and purchase your tickets. Come support the social clubs in the 2014 Master Follies!





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