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Move-In Day Signifies Beginning

Staff Report

Aug. 21, 2013

Each and every August brings about a cause for excitement on the campus of Lubbock Christian University as a new semester is set to begin.

move in 2013
Move-in day on the LCU campus marks the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

The "unofficial" beginning of that new semester is symbolically linked to Freshman Move-In Day as an energetic group of incoming freshmen, along with parents and friends, descend upon both the Katie Rogers and Johnson Hall residence hall facilities at LCU.

Move-In Day is the first activity that takes place as part of "GO" (Get Oriented) freshman orientation. "GO" is all about starting from scratch. It is designed to build relationships and to introduce incoming freshman students to campus life at LCU before classes begin (August 26th). The Student Affairs staff of LCU wants students to feel at home, so "GO" has been created as an orientation program for those first-year students, presented by upperclassmen, faculty and staff. During "GO" the students will have the chance to meet new people ... the same faces that will share classrooms and activities on campus from day one until graduation. Memories that last a lifetime will be started during this experience.

"Moving into Katie Rogers is one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced," said incoming freshman Stacia Dempsey of O'Donnell High School. "I feel welcomed and at home already."

Dempsey, along with a plethora of fellow classmates, no doubt was greeted by smiling upperclassmen, faculty and staff members as they all pitched in to help students and family members bring boxes and other "needed" items into their new home away from home. It's somewhat of a tradition on the LCU campus that assistance to the students is provided and the activity each year brings a touch of excitement and enthusiasm to the faculty and staff as well as students across the board.

"Participating in move-in day is a highlight of my year," said Dr. Byron Rogers, Professor of Chemistry and an LCU alumnus. "Meeting new students and their parents, working with my colleagues, seeing former students bring their kids to our university: what's not to like? It's a blessing from the Lord to serve in this way."

While many students and their families are becoming familiar with LCU for the first time, there are other students and families, who are keenly aware of the nuances of the campus as they have a long family history here. Freshman Kaitlyn Stephenson, a graduate of Lubbock Christian High School, is certainly no stranger to LCU as her parents, Ken and Jana, are both graduates of the university, while her older brother and sister, Aaron and Kara, are currently attending as well.

Kaitlyn and her roommate, Morgan Lowery of Midland Christian High School, enjoyed the experience of moving in just like all other students, even though Kaitlyn just moved roughly one block from her family's Lubbock home.

"Moving in has been a great experience for Morgan and I because of all the help provided by the LCU staff," said Stephenson with a wry smile as she continued. "We made sure to save the heavy boxes for all the cute boys to carry."

Needless to say there are a multitude of great and wonderful experiences awaiting this group of incoming freshmen students at LCU. If, as the saying goes, "first impressions are lasting ones," this new class of students is in for a fantastic journey on the LCU campus.

"The staff at LCU has made me look forward to starting this new chapter in my life," said Dempsey, who will room with her cousin, Ali Eason, from Juneau, AK. "The school is truly an amazing place to be."

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