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Aug. 28, 2013

Chaplink now has an app in the Apple App store.

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Get the Chaplink Mobile app from the app store today.

To start using the app, use your phone and search for Chaplink.  It is in the store as a Phone app.  You can get it on your iPad and use the 2x button on the lower right hand part of the screen but, you still have to be looking for the phone app to get it.

Chaplink web will remain available for your computer needs at . Chaplink Mobile is for your Apple iPad and iPhone with Android versions to follow before long.

The DusterToday visited with Dr. Karl Mahan, Vice President of Technology Advancement, about the app and how it can best serve the LCU community. Dr. Mahan credits Robert Smith, Director of Technology Services, for coordinating and completing the work in partnership with Ellucian, along with valuable input from members of the Marketing Communications team - Warren McNeill, Jerry Shelton and Justin Brown.

Duster: Can you share details about how the Chaplink Mobile App came to fruition?

Dr. Mahan:
We are constantly in the mode of continuous improvement while trying to balance affordability for students of the LCU experience.  We gathered informal feedback from across campus for many months to help shape our app store presence. We have a long partnership with Ellucian (formerly Sungard) for our student management system. We partnered with them on a framework to reach into our systems to provide the information most valued by our campus community.  Robert Smith, the Director of Technology, then polished the app and, in conjunction with Justin Brown from Marcom and the apple App store, we were able to launch our Chaplink Mobile just in time for school to begin.

Duster: Who will have access to the App? Is there a specific login that restricts non-LCU persons from obtaining it?

Dr. Mahan: Anyone who searches the app store for "Chaplink Mobile" can have access to this free app. There are no restrictions on getting to see general campus information that you can also find on our LCU website.  A student login will gain access into more features that are specific to that student - like class information, class schedules, grades, financial aid, and more - in the coming months.

Duster: Is this App open to anyone with a smart phone or are there specific types of phones that you must use?

Dr. Mahan: This app is for those with Apple iPhones, Apple iPads and iPods.  Coming soon will be a version for those with Android devices.

Duster: Since you say it is available on iPad as well, how do you obtain it through that device?

Dr. Mahan:
You can get the app on your iPad like you do all other apps and search for "Chaplink Mobile."  The only exception is that like some other apps it shows up in the store as a phone app only. To make it run optimally on the iPad there is a "2X" button in the lower right hand corner that turns the app into a full screen iPad usable version.

Duster: What are the major benefits of the Mobile App as opposed to Chaplink via the computer?

Dr. Mahan: The Chaplink website has also been updated and is a website that LCU students should consider making their homepage on their personal computer.  It has, built into it, many shortcuts to LCU services and information from many areas all available to expand from this one page.  The address is .  Chaplink Mobile is built into a true app environment and therefore improves functionality on a mobile device and, with a login, some very commonly desired information for the specific student.

Duster: If there are questions or issues with the App, who do folks contact?

Dr. Mahan:
The best method to seek assistance for all technology related questions at LCU is the Chapdesk.  They are located on Eileen Boulevard just west of the Rec Center Parking lot.  Chapdesk can be reached via email at , phone 806-720-7100 or text/cell at 806-928-7974. They are also available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Duster: What if someone on campus wants to learn how to make/create apps?

Dr. Mahan: We have been developing an academic program on campus to do apps for a couple of years.  All those who have recently graduated from the program have found jobs in their field, according to Professor Karen Randolph (Professor of Digital Media and Graphic Design).


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