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Popular on Pinterest: Personalize Your Phone Charger

Heather Lawless, Staff Writer

Sep. 6, 2013

As a weekly feature, staff writer Heather Lawless will present a look at what is HOT on Pinterest as a guide to making your life easier and more fun.

decorated phone charger
A decorated phone charger will cut down on confusion.

Do you ever get your phone charger mixed up with your roommates charger?  A quick and easy solution, if you want to revamp your phone charger, is called Washi tape.  You can find Washi tape at Wal-Mart, any craft store, and you can even find great deals online for Washi tape.  You simply find your favorite Washi tape and wrap your phone charger with it. Washi tape is super easy to work with, so you can really get creative on how you wrap your phone charger.  The only supplies you need are Washi tape and scissors.

Why stop at your phone charger? Washi tape is a great way to personalize many different things around your residence hall room.  Search for many different Washi tape projects on Pinterest and upload pictures of your projects on our Facebook page (The Duster Today).

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