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Student Profile: Victoria Zamora

Ashley Valdez, Staff Writer

Sep. 6, 2013

Classes, chapel and homework are part of every day life on the Lubbock Christian University campus.

zamora photo
Victoria Zamora finds strength through her poetry.

Sophomore Victoria Zamora is not much different from any other college student just trying to make it through the week. She is a 19-year old Youth and Family Ministries Major from Littlefield, which is about 40 minutes to the northwest of Lubbock. One of the major things that separates Victoria from other students at LCU is the fact that she has a large tumor growing on her brain.

At the tender age of 16, a routine visit to the optometrist turned into a life changing appointment when they discovered the tumor. Naturally, Victoria and her family were devastated by the news. They questioned why, but never received the answer. After the initial shock, and with the help of God, Victoria and her family have come to terms with the issues they face. Victoria has managed to get back on track and continue to live life as normally as possible.

Part of her routine is performing Spoken Word Poetry, which she said, and I quote, "is her passion. Spoken Word is "just taking poetry and mixing it with preaching," Victoria explains. She started doing this February 11, 2011 when she performed at a Christian concert in Littlefield and has been hooked ever since. She has performed in front of crowds with anywhere from 10 people to upwards of 100 and she loves every second of it! She explains, "When I'm doing Spoken Word and sharing God's message with the people, it just feels right. It feels like this is what I'm supposed to be doing."

After completing her bachelors of Youth and Family Ministry, Victoria plans to pursue her career as a Spoken Word artist. One of the highlights of the time Victoria has spent here was meeting her Spoken Word role model, David Bowden, when he performed in chapel last semester. In the world of Spoken Word performers, David Bowden is very well known and tours churches of the U.S. quite frequently. Bowden assured Victoria "if you keep putting your heart and mind into it, you WILL do big things."

It is amazing that after all Victoria has been through, her love of the Lord has endured and is still as strong and steadfast as ever. Her optimism about everything in life is still as bright as ever even though, at her young age, she has seen some of the darkest aspects of this life. We would do good to learn from her example and remember her during our own times of trial and seek help from the Lord the same way she has and continues to do and will continue to do from here on out.

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