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Alpha Chi Devo at the RIP

Molly Cox, Staff Writer

Sep. 12, 2013

Alpha Chi Devo is a traditional event on the LCU campus

students at volleyball
Students offer support to the Lady Chap volleyball squad prior to participating in the Alpha Chi Devo at the Rip Griffin Center.

Every Wednesday night on the Lubbock Christian University campus, students and others gather to worship God with their brothers and sisters in Christ, led by the men of the Alpha Chi Delta social club. Alpha Chi Devo has been a staple on the LCU campus for many years, along with the sports teams that compete for the Lady Chaps and Chaps. Wednesday night, the two were connected by having the devotional time in the Rip Griffin Center (RIP) to honor and support the volleyball team in their opening game as a Heartland Conference member.

Maddie Pope, a student at LCU, stated, "I love that clubs and athletics are finally connecting on a deeper level. It will really unite the school on a different tier than we have been the last few years."

Student Affairs provided pizza for the students who attended and Josh Stephens, the Dean of Students, spoke from the gospel of Mark. Mark 5 talks about a man who was possessed by a demon, and when approached by Jesus, even the demon feared the Lord and was afraid of Him. His point was that as students of Lubbock Christian University, and as Christians ourselves, we need to be filled with and fully focused on God instead of focusing on earthly things first. The message couldn't have been delivered to a more receptive crowd, consisting mostly of athletes and social club members.

LCU, and Alpha Chi Delta, is are lucky to have such deep roots in the community and the Lord, and will hopefully continue to share the message in the best way that they can for years to come.

When asked if joining students together for more activities like this would be welcomed, Maddie Johnson, a junior member of the volleyball program, responded, "... absolutely. We are Christians first, students second, and athletes third. Any way that we can combine the three with the rest of the school is truly amazing."

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