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Staff Profile: Sarah Maxwell, Admissions

Ashley Valdez, Staff Writer

Sep. 12, 2013

From successful student to recruiting new students, Maxwell excels for LCU

Sarah Maxwell
Sarah Maxwell is part of the outstanding Admissions staff that LCU is blessed to have.

High school graduates these days are faced with so many choices after their senior year wraps up. What college do I go to? Should I take time off before starting school again? Do I even want to go back to college?

It's enough to make your head spin sometimes! For me, the choice was clear. Personally, I just could not handle another year of school, I needed a break. After high school I took a year off and as August 2012 approached, I was faced with the same dilemma. I knew I had to further my education, but I was just unsure of how I would make that happen. One day I just decided to do what I do best, I picked up the phone and started making phone calls.

Being from Lubbock, I naturally started here at home. One of my phone calls landed at Lubbock Christian University in the office of Senior Admissions Counselor, Sarah Maxwell. Because of her I fell in love with the people on this campus. Sarah is an amazing person and anyone who has had the chance to meet her knows that she is genuinely interested in helping out anyone she can.

"My world revolves around my students," Sarah says. "I'm here for anything they might need, whenever they need it!"

Sarah has been an Admissions Counselor for LCU since May 2009. She landed the job shortly after receiving her diploma from the university in Organizational Communication, only days prior to her starting the job she still loves. Sarah began her college days as a freshman at LCU and now she is able to travel the country, recruiting students from all walks of life, but she also is able to keep her roots right here in Lubbock. Sarah and the other admissions counselors regularly attend college fairs all over the United States and are often invited to speak at churches and in classrooms to give potential future Chaps a better idea of what LCU has to offer.

On a daily basis, Sarah and the admissions counselors make countless phone calls and e-mails and send letters out to anyone they have talked to requesting more information on the school. They also orchestrate the campus tours and Chap Days, along with a few other members of the LCU staff. Thanks to the people in the admissions office, the LCU campus is a little more full of life, and with personalities like that of Sarah Maxwell, the first impression of our great school is an honest and lasting one. When I think of Lubbock Christian University, I think of people like Sarah that fill this campus and make everyday life here that much better.

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