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Molly Cox, Staff Writer

Sep. 19, 2013

New LCU library staff member enjoys life in Lubbock

maribel castro
Maribel Castro is one of the new faces LCU students will see in the library.

With "Phase 1" of the new renovations to the Lubbock Christian University Library completed and looking beautiful, the library circle was also blessed with a few new faces over the past summer, one of those being Maribel Castro. Maribel is on staff as a librarian with a bachelor's degree in education from Auburn University and a master's degree from the American Library Association through the University of North Texas.

Castro graduated from Auburn in 1995 and was a teacher for five years in the public school system before she received her emergency certification, so that she could be working as a librarian while she was receiving her master's degree. She then graduated from UNT in 2003 and became a completely certified librarian. She worked as a librarian at Coronado High School in Houston for the next 10 years until her husband, Joel, was offered a job in Lubbock. She then was offered a job with Lubbock Christian University in May of 2013.

The daughter of migrant farm workers, Mrs. Castro was the first from her family to graduate from college. She is originally from Mexico and her family traveled back and forth between Mexico and the United States all through her childhood, until she was 11 years old. The family then made the decision to make Houston their permanent home in order to be close to family, and she was a resident there until she left for college.

Castro says she enjoys life in Lubbock immensely, from the weather to the kind people. She also enjoys hiking with her husband and caring for her three dogs: Che, Diego, and Alma.

When asked what she could tell students about life that would help them learn, she responded, " ... be willing to adjust to anything. Lean into your discomfort. It's a matter of being flexible and people too often don't have the skills or the know how to adjust. That's most of the battle right there. You can supersede any situation as long as you can learn to just go with life and take the risk."

In her short time on the LCU campus it is readily apparent that the university is blessed to have someone as talented and as driven as Maribel Castro.

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