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Student Profile: Kaitlyn Creel

Jessica Steensma, Staff Writer

Sep. 20, 2013

Hometown girl chooses to stay home

kaitlyn creel
Kaitlyn Creel is more than happy as a college student in her hometown.

Kaitlyn Creel is a home grown girl from Lubbock, who happens to be a Middle School Education major at Lubbock Christian University. When it came to pick a college or university to attend, she had little doubt that staying in her hometown and attending LCU was the right path to take.

"I wanted to continue to build the backbone of my faith," says Kaitlyn of her decision to attend LCU. "LCU was the best place to achieve that."

In addition to her many hours of study and commitment to her academic work at the university, Kaitlyn also takes the time to be involved in her duties as a children's intern for the Heights Fellowship Church. She is in charge of organizing classrooms, putting together Wednesday night lessons and she is the overseer of the workers on Wednesday and Sunday nights as well.

Kaitlyn is an admitted "Saver's queen." Most of her wardrobe includes outfits that come from Saver's Thrift Store and she always manages to make the look work just fine.

"It's not just a shopping habit," Kaitlyn says, " ... but a hobby."

While her style is unique to her personality, it's likely she receives at least 10 or so different compliments a day. That also would serve to explain another reason she chose to stay in Lubbock in order to further her education, stating of her hometown " ... it has cute character."

Kaitlyn is a great asset to the LCU family and we feel sure she is going to accomplish great things while seeing her faith grow along the way.

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