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Sep. 20, 2013

LCU Washington interns share thoughts and highlights of the experience of a lifetime

angela and masy
Angela Crouch (right) and fellow LCU student, Masy Miller, enjoy the sights in Washington, D.C.

Lubbock Christian University proudly partners with The Washington Center in Washington, D.C. to offer internships to qualified students each semester. For the fall semester there are seven LCU students in D.C. for academic internships that will continue until the middle of December.

This group brings to 32 the number students through the years (since 2005) to represent LCU in this program and the legacy of success is well documented. In fact, coming up in early October the university will be recognized by The Washington Center as the "Private School of the Year." The award will be given at a luncheon for TWC Academic Awards on Monday, October 7th, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and it will be featured in the program and announced at the annual gala that evening at the National Building Museum.

As these students spend the semester in D.C., we want to share their experiences with our readers, so The DusterToday will run a series of Q&A features with each of our seven interns.

The first student to be featured in our series is Angela Crouch, a junior economics major from Mansfield, Texas (Legacy HS). Angela is doing her internship at the Consumer Goods Forum and we had the opportunity to visit with her about the experience so far:

Duster: As you looked at the possibility of doing the D.C. internship, what were the major factors that prompted you to go for it and has it lived up to your expectations so far?

Angela: I really like to travel and in all honesty, I get bored living in Lubbock. I love LCU so I figured this would be a way to try a new place and continue being an LCU student. I thought this would be a really cool opportunity to move to a new place temporarily and get job experience at the same time. I like the feel of a big city much more than rural and suburban areas. So far, I have really enjoyed living a city lifestyle. All the walking can be a pain at times, but I have gotten used to it in the past few weeks. I feel that I have learned a lot in my internship already. My supervisor does a great job of explaining everything, so I feel that this internship will be worthwhile.

Duster: Tell us how the first couple of weeks on the job have gone for you and about your job duties.

Starting from my first day, my supervisor had me doing all the work a normal employee would do. This includes sending emails to CEOs and important people in large retail and manufacturing companies, planning big events, making programs for these events, and scheduling hotels, restaurants, and flights for all the clients involved. It has been very rewarding already in the first three weeks to see how all the work comes together for a successful event.

Duster: What are the major goals that you feel you would like to accomplish with regard to this internship and the overall D.C. experience?

Angela: Overall, I would like to leave with confidence that I could do a job in a similar field. I think it would truly be worthwhile if I could leave with skills about how to act in the workplace, how to write a professional email, and things of that nature. Starting this internship, I had no professional experience and I already feel that I have learned a lot about what professionals are looking for when making hiring decisions.

Duster: Describe for us what your typical day is like?

Angela: I start the day with a short commute to Silver Spring, Maryland where I work. Usually throughout the day I do tasks, like work on organizing events. I assist the two staff members on completely planning multiple events. We have already worked on two and later in the semester we will begin a few more. Around 5:00pm I get off work and go home where I either run to the grocery store down the street in order to make dinner, or (more often) walk to Union Station and eat there. Once a week I have my course about how Washington really works. I often have homework or readings for class, so I usually work on that at night. I would like to spend more of my nights sightseeing, but it is hard to balance all of the work with exploring the city. The weekends are usually free, so we tend to spend Friday-thru-Sunday doing more fun things that D.C. has to offer.

Duster: As for the non-internship part of this experience, are there some highlights of what you've been able to do and see that you can share?

Angela: I have really enjoyed being able to take a short walk to the Capitol. I am still not used to being able to walk a mile in any direction and see numerous national landmarks. It is really incredible how much there is to do here. I still have so many things on my list of things I want to see, including The Holocaust Museum, Roosevelt Island, and the Archives. I am also hoping to make a day trip to New York City.

Have the living conditions at The Washington Center and the ability to get around the city been what you expected or are there surprises you've come across in that regard?

Angela: I have had almost no problems getting around the city. During the weekends they do maintenance on the Metro (transportation line), which makes it take a lot longer to get anywhere. I really am enjoying the Metro as my mode of transportation. Even though it is pretty expensive (a $6.30 daily commute), I love not getting gas weekly and having to worry about car trouble. My commute is much more enjoyable sitting and reading rather than fighting traffic.

Duster: How has the LCU group meshed together during this experience?

Angela: I have enjoyed getting to know some of the LCU students better. I got the chance to go to a (Washington) National's (Major League Baseball) game with some of the LCU students, along with a couple students from Gibraltar. It has been fun not only getting to know some LCU students better, but also students from countries around the world.

Duster: If you had to single out the most exciting thing about your time in D.C. so far, what would that be?

Angela: For me I think it is the fact that, at any given time, there is something going on for entertainment. I am used to Lubbock where the whole town shuts down about 10:00pm, but in D.C. it seems like there is always something to do and most of it happens to be free.

Duster: Finally, in keeping with the LCU mantra of being the "life-changing university," can you see where this experience in D.C. will fit that bill for you personally?

Angela: This is an experience I couldn't get anywhere else. Sure, I could move to a city after graduating and try something new, but it wouldn't be the quality of this experience. The Washington Center created a program where we can work with great internship sites, while having low expectations when starting out because we are still students, living with many other students, and learning skills for getting a good job, all while exploring the nation's capital. I have really enjoyed this experience so far and I know I still have so much to experience while I'm here.

We want to wish Angela and all of our current and future LCU Washington intern students the best of luck and a safe and happy experience. Thanks, also, to Dr. Stacy Patty, director of the LCU Washington program, for his guidance and leadership of these students.

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