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Clubs Hold Paint Brawl Mixer

Jessica Steensma, Staff Writer

Sep. 23, 2013

CD's and Koinonia always host colorful event

paint brawl
Members of Christliche Damen (above) and Koinonia (below) enjoyed the Paint Brawl mixer that the two clubs staged last weekend.

The Paint Brawl is a mixer that the Christliche Damen (CD's) women's social club and Koinonia men's social club do every year to get to know the freshman/transfer students that are planning on rushing. The Paint Brawl was held last weekend at the intramural softball field on the Lubbock Christian University campus. The event is always a huge success and so much fun for everyone that is involved.

Kaitlyn Wilhoit, vice-president of CD's, and James Masterson, vice-president of Koinonia, were in charge of planning and, by all accounts, a fantastic job was done. There were organized games, such as tug-of-war and relay races and an estimated crowd of 120 students participated.

"People seemed to be having a lot of fun and were involved during the whole mixer," Wilhoit said. The paint was definitely flying throughout the event and the entire mixer served its purpose, which was not just to have fun, but to build relationships with one another.

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