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Writing Carnival Deemed a Success

Renee Rhodes, Editor

Sep. 23, 2013

4th annual event featured "The Princess Bride"

photo booth photo
Students pose in costume at the Photo Booth during the annual Writing Carnival on the LCU campus.

The 4th annual Writing Carnival on the campus of Lubbock Christian University last week, featuring "The Princess Bride," went exactly as organizers wished. Students, yet again, got to participate in a plethora of creatively taxing events, while munching on carnival food and hanging with friends.

This year, the traditional booths returned: the caption contest, the six-word story, the haiku, the limerick. However, there were also a number of booths that fit the theme. One was a trivia booth. Others incorporated much more unique challenges.

Buttercup's Simile booth requested absurd comparisons about a lover. For example: "His hair swept across his forehead like the edged wings of a falcon. Or more like Justin Bieber."

Vizzini's Battle of Wits required students to submit "never" statements like Vizzini says in the book. For example:
"Never 'try this at home,' chances are it was special effects."

Lastly, Fezzik's Rhyming Challenge encouraged students to keep up a rhyme with the lines before it. A group of FreshmEn impressively finished a page and a half of rhymes and comedically read it out to the carnival-goers.

Winners of the 4th annual Writing Carnival were announced in chapel on Monday.

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