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Molly Cox, Staff Writer

Sep. 27, 2013

LCU radio station brings programming and teaching options to students, faculty and staff

erickson and tryon
Alums David Erickson (left) and Kris Tryon host a weekly show called "The Forge" on ChapRadio.com.

Shawn Hughes is an alumnus of Lubbock Christian University and he has come back to campus to teach (Assistant Professor of Communications), but that's not all. Shawn and many other people have been crucial to the start up of the student focused radio station on campus ... Chap Radio (found online at www.chapradio.com).

About three years ago, Dr. Laurie Doyle, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, came to Mr. Hughes with an idea to help students empower themselves and get their ideas out there through the radio waves. Dr. Doyle had a vision for the project and went to Hughes to help facilitate that vision. These two are not the only parties responsible for the birth of the station. Mondy Brewer (Assistant Professor/Graduate Leadership) accompanies Hughes in running the station; Heather Lawless, another writer for The Duster Today, is the student station manager; Dustin Hahn (Adjunct in Communication/Fine Arts) handles all the sports broadcasting classes and assists the sports-centered shows; Dr. E. Don "Doc" Williams, Director of Graduate Admissions and Professor in Communication/Fine Arts, has done too many things behind the scenes to count and has been a huge asset; and there are also many people on the board that assisted in starting up the radio station.

The funds for the equipment were donated by a very generous anonymous donor and are all state of the art. Students get to experience running the soundboard, handling their own music, using the material that they come up with, and many other experiences, depending on the type of show that they would like to have. Some students use the radio program to fill class requirements, like the Principles of Announcing and Sports Broadcasting, but one does not have to be a communications major to have their own show. There are 42 student, faculty, staff and alumni shows, with over 50 students involved in the program due to some being in pairs.

There will be a training set up this morning (Friday, Sept. 27th) at 11:00am for anyone who is interested in being part of the station or hosting a show. There is also a ribbon cutting scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th at 1:30pm with more details to come regarding that ceremony.

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