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Ashley Valdez, Staff Writer

Oct. 3, 2013

LCU student hosts night of making "Salvation Bracelet Kits"

bracelet photo
The bracelet that represents salvation will be sent to many third-world countries. (below) Melissa Sides (middle) is joined by her mom, Leah Sides (right), and her roommate, Kalinda Wight, as they take a break from putting bracelets together.

As a college student, there are a million different ways to spend a Friday night. Lubbock Christian University freshman, Melissa Sides, and a few other people decided to spend last Friday night spreading God's message and trying to make the world a better place.

While studying pre-pharmacy at LCU, Melissa, who is also a Lubbock native, orchestrated a night devoted to making "Salvation Bracelet Kits," complete with cookies and pizza! These kits will be sent to places like Cambodia, Africa and India. Each "Kit" contain a string and different color beads that each have their own meaning: a green one to signify faith, blue and white to signify baptism, a red one for the love of God, black for sin, gold for heaven and purple for loyalty. She explained that these Salvation Bracelets were like "wordless books that tell the story of salvation."

Melissa is a member of the Girl Scouts of America and part of the reason she made this happen was to earn a Girl Scout Gold Award. In order to earn this award Melissa was required to do something that would make the world a better place and she got the idea of Salvation Bracelets from her aunt, who works with an organization called The Global Training Network. Her aunt has been to countless third-world countries spreading God's good news, including Haiti, Brazil, Spain, Papa New Guinea and many others. These are all countries where Melissa plans on sending the "Salvation Bracelet Kits."

The Global Training Network (gtnonline.org) is a non-profit organization that focuses on making sure people in third-world countries, who are preaching God's word are properly trained and know what they are talking about. Most of these countries have never heard of Him, His stories or His message. The Global Training Network also gives these people tools they need, like the Salvation Bracelets, to succeed in the spreading of God's message.

Melissa attends The Sunset Church of Christ and when word got out about what she was doing some people from the church sent in money to help fund her project. Along with the church, some help from her mother, Leah Sides, her roommate, Kalinda Wight, and everyone who showed up to help, Melissa ended up with 1,000  "Salvation Bracelet Kits," A Girl Scout Gold Award and the satisfaction of knowing she helped make a difference in the world.

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