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Popular on Pinterest - Homemade Necklace

Heather Lawless, Staff Writer

Oct. 3, 2013

As a weekly feature, staff writer Heather Lawless will present a look at what is HOT on Pinterest as a guide to making your life easier and more fun.

homemade necklace
It won't take long to have a fashionable necklace to wear using these steps.

Are you looking to spice up your look this fall? How about adding a really cool, homemade necklace to your wardrobe. It is super fun and really quick and easy. You will need nine different pieces of scrap fabric and a rubber band.

Step #1:
You are going to want to cut your slits of fabric. I like to make the pieces of fabric I work with "1-inch" wide and you can make them the length you are going to want your necklace to be. Be sure you allow for some shrinkage, because braiding them together will shorten the strips length a little.

Step #2:
Cut each piece of fabric just a little and then tear the rest of the length of fabric. Once you have torn nine pieces of fabric, put the strips of fabric into groups of three.

Step #3:
 You are going to want to put all of the strand together using your rubber band, making sure the pieces of fabric you paired together are beside one another.

Step #4:
Next, you need to braid your groups of three strands of fabric together. You should now have three braids of fabric. When you get the braids the length you want them, tie a knot at the end so the braids don't come out. To connect each end of the necklace together just tuck the knots under the rubber band or get a safety pin and pin the two ends together.

There you have it. In a few minutes you can add a very inexpensive, very cute new addition to your fall wardrobe. Feel free to upload pictures of your new necklaces to our Facebook page (The DusterToday).  

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