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Victoria Hayslett, Staff Writer

Oct. 3, 2013

A weekly column by Office of General Counsel Law Clerk, Victoria Hayslett, focusing on legal issues and updates for the Lubbock Christian University community.

blawg 100
The "Blawg 100" captures the essence of blogs dealing with law and the fun side of it at that.

My last few columns have dealt with some pretty serious issues - plagiarism and how social media can get you into serious legal trouble - so I thought it was time to offer up something a little more lighthearted! Like most students, I spend a lot of time on the internet, and a lot of my time is spent looking at blogs. Now, some of the blogs I read are purely for fun, and focus on fashion, movies, the entertainment industry in general and travel.

No matter what your interests are, the blog world surely provides at least one blog that will appeal to you. One category I discovered only since I started law school are blogs that focus on the law, sometimes known as "Blawgs."

Every year the American Bar Journal compiles a list, "The Blawg 100." Readers are asked to vote for their favorite "blawgs," and the top 100 are then outlined. The ABA Journal then breaks these into different categories that range from Criminal Justice to Intellectual Property Law. One of my favorite "Blawg 100" categories is the "For Fun" category. I enjoy watching TV quite a bit, so here are three of the "blawgs" that made the 2012 "Blawg 100" that have some fun with legal issues.

Allison Leotta: Have you ever watched an episode of your favorite procedural cop show and wondered whether or not that could actually happen? Well, Allison Leotta's "blawg" might be an interesting read for you. Leotta is a former federal prosecutor and a current novelist and author of her own blog. One of the mainstays of her blog is her recap and review of Law and Order: SVU episodes. She gives each episode a grade, goes through what realistically could or could not happen and provides some witty comments. She gave this season's premier an "A" but is not afraid to give out lower grades! (

ZombieLaw: Zombies are all the rage right now, and one of the most popular television shows is The Walking Dead. ZombieLaw is right in line with the zombie fad, but with a legal twist. Author Josh Warren's blog focuses on Zombies in the law, and not fictional law, but in actual court opinions and the news! The blog is a self-proclaimed hunt for real life zombies. (

Law and the Multiverse: Just exactly how much trouble would the Hulk get into for going into a rage mode and destroying public property? This is the kind of question attorneys James Daily and Ryan Davidson answer in their blog. This fun blog takes a look at what might actually happen if comic book characters had to face legal ramifications for their actions. This summer the authors had some pretty interesting insight on Iron Man 3. Keep an eye out, maybe they will start an episodic summary of the new ABC series, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (

View the entire 2012 "Blawg 100" at Happy Reading!

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