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Student Senate Announces Upcoming Events

Renee Rhodes, Editor

Oct. 3, 2013

Busy year ahead for elected student governing body

jacob hamil
Jacob Hamil performs during the spring, 2013 Coke and Nacho event that takes place during TWIRP Week each semester.

Lubbock Christian University's Student Senate is proud to announce that nine new freshman and five new upper-classmen senators have been added to their ranks. Senate has a busy year ahead, and the month of October is especially crammed with planned activities. They have also voted and approved five constitutional amendments that are intended to make the Senate run more efficiently for the sake of the student body.

The next event hosted by the Senate will be a "Midterms Murder Mystery," to relieve students stress with little light-hearted, back-stabbing fun. The game, which will be held Monday night, October 7th, will include both faculty and students. Beware: someone you know could very well be a cold-blooded killer.

Two sports pep events are also taking place in October. The annual Run-a to the Waka event for the soccer team has been renamed as "Flock to the Field" and will occur on October 14th at the LCU Soccer Complex. Rally at the Rip, the annual volleyball spirit game is scheduled for October 24th at the Rip Griffin Center. Students are encouraged to attend in support of their athletes and Chap pride.

Perhaps the biggest change this year is that TWIRP Week will no longer be the week prior to Family Weekend. Instead, it has moved to the last week in October, the 28-31st. As per usual, the girl asks the guys out. Couples (relationships and "just friends" alike) can enjoy a multitude of fun events all week.

It's a big month for Senate so be sure to enjoy the events they provide for the student body.

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