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"In The Big Inning"

Brandon Greer, Staff Writer

Oct. 9, 2013

Student art by Kelsey Ried on display

kelsey ried
Kelsey Ried's "In the Big Inning" on display at the new Art Studio Building on the LCU campus.

Kelsey Ried, a senior art education major at Lubbock Christian University, has added a twist to the favorite American pastime of baseball. In her senior art exhibition, "In the Big Inning," Ried is showcasing several pieces combining Christian influence with baseball. Her show began Monday and is on display in the new Art Studio Building on campus.

"In my show I used my art to visually compare baseball to a Christian life," Kelsey said. "I used photography to capture the full armor of God as equipment used in a game, such as the bat as the Sword of the Spirit and the glove as the Shield of Faith. I did a painting of a Chicago Cubs fan and called it Patience. The Cubs haven't won a World Series in 105 years, but anyone who knows Cubs fans knows they are loyal and have so much hope and faith in their team. They are a perfect definition of patience. My art conveys values and lessons I've learned from growing up in a Christian home through the lens of the game."

Kelsey is originally from Amarillo and is a graduate of Tascosa High School.

On her love of art, Kelsey says, "I love art. I'm obsessed with it. I'm constantly creating art any chance I get, whether it's painting or even drawing with my finger in the dirt. I'm always looking at art too, and I'm just amazed at what some people can do. I enjoy looking at beautiful finished projects, but it's the process and the work that goes into each piece that I appreciate the most. As an artist I understand the time, energy, and patience it takes to take an image from your mid and transfer it to a tangible item someone else can see."

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