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Heather Lawless, Staff Writer

Oct. 10, 2013

As a weekly feature, staff writer Heather Lawless will present a look at what is HOT on Pinterest as a guide to making your life easier and more fun.

dorm decor
Decorate your room in a simple, inexpensive way.

Do you need a new decoration for your residence hall or apartment room? The things you will need for this project are a hammer, nails (flat head), wooden board (whatever size you want), pencil, and string or yarn.

First, you want to find a word, design, or image you want to put on your board. With your pencil draw your image or word on your board. I suggest if you do use an image, the simpler the better.

Once you have your image traced on your board, start hammering your nails along your outline. Leave just enough room between the nails to fit the string in. Once you hammer nails all around your image, get your string and tie a knot around one of the nails.

Next start randomly weaving your string around all the nails until you are satisfied with the pattern you have created. Once you have weaved all you want to weave, tie the string off and you have your new decoration. If you want to add a little character to your board you can paint or stain it before you start nailing.

This is also a great Christmas gift that is personal and is cost efficient. Feel free to post your new room decoration to our Facebook page (The Duster Today).

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