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Student Sampler 2013 Showcases Talent

Jessica Steensma, Staff Writer

Oct. 14, 2013

Family Weekend a chance to perform for LCU students

Andi Rose and Emily Evans
Andi Rose (left) and Emily Evans were both very busy during the Student Sampler event. Both Andi and Emily are members of musical groups on campus and both were also cast members in the production of Will Rogers Follies.

Family Weekend, which took place on the Lubbock Christian University campus Friday-Sunday, was a great weekend full of music, food, and fellowship. The Student Sampler, an event set to showcase the various musical and theatrical talents on campus, is one of the highlights each fall on Family Weekend.

The Student Sampler starts with a short chapel presentation, and this year the speaker was LCU President, Tim Perrin. After chapel, each music group on campus gets the opportunity to perform. This year's master of ceremonies was Dr. Don Williams, and he, as always, did a great job, especially in keeping the program moving smoothly between transitions.
Symphonic band, Jazz band, Forte, Best Friends, Chamber Singers, and Praise Choir were the groups who performed this year. Also, there was a short preview of the musical, Will Rogers Follies, which was staged during the weekend. Each group did such a great job and worked very hard to prepare for their family and friends.

The traditional Student Sampler is such an enjoyment for parents because they get the opportunity to hear and see the things their students have been working hard on all semester. For this writer, the Sampler is one of my favorite things about Family Weekend, because some of my best friends are in some of the groups. The students that are in each group are very talented, and LCU is blessed to have students that are so dedicated.

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