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Molly Cox, Staff Writer

Oct. 22, 2013

Family dedicated to LCU

Bundy Wilson
Brenna (Bundy) and Josh Wilson.

Brenna Bundy Wilson, a graduate of Lubbock Christian University with a Communications degree in 2006, is one of many generations of Bundy's to attend the university. Brenna is one of 28 members of her family to attend LCU and one of many women in the family to be a member of Kappa Phi Kappa, women's social club. An avid member of Kappa, Brenna says that some of her fondest memories of her time on campus were participating in intramural sports with her sisters.

"It was a time to get together as a club and compete together and you just felt empowered by your group," she stated.

Currently, Mrs. Wilson is working as the Senior Customer Service Manager at Osteogenics Biomedical. She married Josh Wilson on June 8th, 2013 in her hometown of Throckmorton, Texas and they currently reside in Lubbock.

When asked what one piece of advice she would give college students, Brenna said, "To get involved. For me, I wouldn't have made as many meaningful relationships if I hadn't gotten involved in club. Friends will help you through anything."

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