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Katie Rogers Trick or Treat

Chap Chat - Halloween

Ashley Valdez, Staff Writer

Oct. 31, 2013

Thoughts from the Lubbock Christian University campus community

Christmas hall
Yes, it's Halloween, but Christmas isn't far away. One of the halls in Katie Rogers was decorated in a Christmas theme for their annual Trick or Treat night.

As Halloween night approaches in mere hours, members of the campus community were asked a couple of questions about the holiday:

What is your favorite aspect of Halloween?
If you could dress up as ANYTHING/ANYONE, what/who would it be?

Alexandria Smith, Sophomore, YFM Major
Favorite thing: "Decorations and Decorating"
Wishes she could be: Pippi Longstocking

Victoria Zamora, Sophomore, YFM Major
Favorite thing: "All the candy!"
Wishes she could be: "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast

Ashley Johnson, Sophomore, Psychology Major
Favorite thing: "All the beautiful fall colors."
Wishes she could be: a zombie cheerleader

Cody Hendrix, Senior, Communications Major
Favorite thing: "Candy"
Wishes he could be: Captain America

Quay Johnson, Sophomore, Education Major
Favorite thing: "Dressing up my daughter and letting her eat way more candy than usual."
Wishes he could be: "Jerome" from the TV show, Martin, because "he's the man!"

Dr. Jeff Cary, Professor of Theology
Favorite thing: "The fact that it's a Protestant Reformation Day"
Wishes he could be: Martin Luther - "the original Martin Luther."

Dr. Mondy Brewer, Professor of Communication and Leadership
Favorite thing: "The Candy Corn"
Wishes he could be: Freddy Krueger

Sarah Maxwell, Admissions Counselor
Favorite thing: "Seeing all the little kids all dressed up"
Wishes she could: dress up in a ball gown dress from Pride and Prejudice

Jacob Hamil, Junior, Mass Communications Major
Favorite thing: "seeing what lengths parents will go to in order to make their kids smile"
Wishes he could be: Iron Man - "the REAL Iron Man!"

James Wheeler, Junior, Double Major in Mass Communications and Digital Media Arts
Favorite thing: Haunted houses
Wishes he could be: a Christmas present

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