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Nov. 1, 2013

LCU Washington interns share thoughts and highlights of the experience of a lifetime

twc gala trio
Kalee Robinson (middle) is pictured with fellow LCU Washington interns Masy Miller (left) and Angela Crouch as they attended the Washington Center Gala in October.

Lubbock Christian University proudly partners with The Washington Center in Washington, D.C. to offer internships to qualified students each semester. For the fall semester there are seven LCU students in D.C. for academic internships that will continue until the middle of December.

This group brings to 32 the number of students through the years (since 2005) to represent LCU in this program and the legacy of success is well documented. In fact, last month the university was recognized by The Washington Center as the "Private School of the Year." The award was presented at a luncheon for TWC Academic Awards that took place at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. The university and the award that was received were also featured in the program and announced at the annual gala at the National Building Museum.

As these students spend the semester in D.C. we want to share their experiences with our readers, so The DusterToday is presenting a series of Q&A features with each of our seven interns.

This week we would like to introduce you to Kalee Robinson, a senior sports psychology major, who will graduate from LCU in December. Kalee is doing her internship at the DLE Agency, a sports consulting and public relations firm, and we had the opportunity to visit with her about the experience so far:

Duster: As you looked at the possibility of doing the D.C. internship, what were the major factors that prompted you to go for it and has it lived up to your expectations so far?

Kalee: The major factor that prompted me to come to D.C. for an internship opportunity was the value of the experience that I would be getting. After playing softball my first two years at LCU, I was needing something to add to my resume to make it stand out, and D.C. seemed like the perfect fit to make that happen. This experience has definitely exceeded my expectations so far and has allowed me to grow so much, not only in the professional world, but within my personal life as well.

Duster: Tell us how your experience on the job has been thus far and about your job duties.

Kalee: While my job experience got off to a much later start than my fellow LCU interns, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge in the short month that I have been working with DLE. I deal a lot with marketing analysis and work on strategies that will help our clients with potential deals and sponsorships in order to help create better branding and opportunities, not only for the client, but for the agency as well. While it is a lot of hard work and long hours, I am beyond happy with my placement at DLE and feel that it will, no doubt, be one of the greatest experiences I could ever ask for in helping me grow within the professional world as I continue with my career.

Duster: What are the major goals that you feel you would like to accomplish with regard to this internship and the overall D.C. experience?

Kalee: With regard to the internship, I hope to accomplish a better sense of what I desire to do within my professional life and career. At the moment I am deciding on whether to go to law school or pursue my masters in sports psychology. This internship will definitely play a key factor in helping me to make that decision. Overall, this experience will be one of the most valuable life lessons that I will ever have the opportunity to experience and it is definitely helping me to grow into the person I wish to be.

Duster: Tell us a little more about your internship and those that you work with.

Kalee: My basic duties on the job include making spreadsheets to help analyze different data points and putting together various info graphics to show to clients in order to help them with their marketability and branding. We also do company build outs and portfolios in order to recognize which companies our agency might want to work with in the future. I work with one other intern, who is a second-year law student at George Mason University. I am also blessed in the fact that I get to work directly with the managing partner of DLE, Doug Eldridge, who has played a vital role in helping me grow and become the hard worker that I desire to be.

Duster: What is a timeline for your typical workday?

Kalee: Due to the field of work that we are in, our daily schedule can be a little hectic sometimes, but for the most part I start my work day at 10:00am, which for me means leaving the apartment around 9:30am to walk to the bus stop or just make the 20 minute walk to work, depending on how the weather is. I usually get off of work around 5:00pm and walk home from there. However, as I said, we often have earlier days and much later nights because our schedule constantly changes. I like to say that it definitely keeps things interesting and certainly doesn't ever feel like your typical 9-5 work day.

Duster: As for the "off-the-job" related part of this experience, are there some highlights of what you've been able to do and see in D.C. that you can share?

Kalee: Thankfully, because of my internship start date getting pushed back I was able to go and explore D.C. a lot more than everyone else. I got to gain a ton of knowledge and experience some of what this city is really all about. I have been to the National Zoo, all of the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington National Cemetery, and much more. I was able to attend several different sporting events, including two Washington Nationals baseball games, a Washington Wizards preseason NBA game against the Miami Heat, and just last week, I attended the Washington International Horse Show. All of the sightseeing and getting to attend various events has been an absolute blast and I look forward to attending a few more events within my time here.

Duster: We know you didn't know much about the other Lubbock Christian University students before this internship, but how has the group meshed together during this experience?

Kalee: I think we have all meshed together really well. It was quite interesting coming here and not knowing each other, but the fact that we all have someone here that we know comes from the same place as us and holds the same values and beliefs has been extremely uplifting. I have loved getting to know each of the interns on a more personal level and I think that having each other here while being in a totally different part of the country than we are used to has been great.

Duster: If you had to single out the most exciting thing about your time in D.C. so far, what would that be?

Kalee: Other than attending the various sporting events and the Washington Center Gala with all of our LCU faculty and staff, one of the most exciting things for me was getting to work with Washington Redskins football player Adam Carriker. I got to go to the Fox News studios and get an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes, as Adam was interviewed on Varney & Co.'s Fox Business segment. After the taping I was able to sit down and chat with Adam and my boss, Doug, for a little while and it was a really cool experience just being able to learn more about him and where he comes from.

Duster: Finally, in keeping with the LCU mantra of being the "life-changing university," can you see where this experience in D.C. will fit that bill for you personally?

Kalee: Absolutely! As I said earlier, this experience has truly helped me grow not only professionally, but personally as well. Before coming here I had spent 21 years in Lubbock at my parents home, and now I am living in our nation's capital where every day something unexpected happens. While I can't say that I could ever live in such a crazy place permanently, the time here has definitely made an impact on my life and will forever be my "growing up experience." Through this internship and my time here I have realized what an interesting and ever changing world it is that we live in, and I hope that one day I will be able to use my time and experiences in D.C. to impact the lives of others, because there is no doubt that it is impacting mine.

We want to wish Kalee and all of our current and future LCU Washington intern students the best of luck and a safe and happy experience. Thanks, also, to Dr. Stacy Patty, director of the LCU Washington program, for his guidance and leadership of these students.

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