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Staff Profile - Monica Barnard

Brandon Greer, Staff Writer

Nov. 6, 2013

General Counsel Office in good hands under LCU alum guidance

monica barnard
Monica Barnard, LCU General Counsel

Behind the scenes of Lubbock Christian University, the General Counsel Office works to make sure students on campus are safe.

"I love LCU and the opportunity to work as General Counsel was too good to pass up," said Monica Barnard, head of the General Counsel Office. "My husband (Zach) and I both are LCU grads, so it's like working with friends and family."

Barnard went to Monterey High School before coming to LCU. Originally, she was a psychology major; she wanted to be a criminal psychologist. However, on a trip to Austin with LCU Vice-President John King and a group of other LCU students, she found she had an interest in lawmaking. As a student at LCU, she was involved with Student Senate, the Organization of Latin American Students, and Kappa Phi Kappa. After graduating from LCU, she went to Texas Tech and majored in law. The Barnard's have two daughters, Bella and Zaya.

"I really enjoy problem solving," Barnard said about her job. "I like tackling an issue and figuring out ways to make it work out for everyone involved. I feel like I've helped to make LCU a safer place in various ways."

When asked what she felt students needed to know most about the General Counsel's legal process, she answered, "I would say that policies and rules aren't arbitrary. I, and several others, spend a lot of time working on issues. Not all of them are perfect, but we do try to be as reasonable and realistic as possible."

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