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Chap Chat - Special Things About LCU

Ashley Valdez, Staff Writer

Nov. 6, 2013

Thoughts from the Lubbock Christian University campus community

chap chat lcu characteristics
The campus community appreciates that Christ is at the forefront of everything and everyone at LCU.

The Lubbock Christian University campus is a special place and The DusterToday wanted to see what some of those special traits were to those that spend a great deal of time here. We asked members of the campus community "What do you feel is the best characteristic of LCU?" Here are the responses we received:

Deondra Owen, Sophomore, Psychology Major
"How Christian based the WHOLE campus is."

Kassandra Garza, Freshman, Pre-Physical Therapy Major
"Everyone has a connection to everyone else through God. Everyone basically knows each other through Him."

Kaylee Wilson, Junior, Middle School Education Major
"The social characteristics, there are so many diverse social events there really IS a place for everyone."

Zach Walker, Junior, Sports Management Major
"On the academic side of things, the professors really care about each student and they are all very qualified to do what they do."

Angeline Ricks, Sophomore, Criminal Justice Major
"LCU has a very family oriented atmosphere."

President Tim Perrin
"The Christian Mission, the inclusion of God in everything we do. Also, the people here tie in to that a great deal."

Mikael Ramirez, Junior, Mass Media Major
"Definitely the people. Everyone is so nice and total strangers will just come up to you and tell you (hello)."

Mrs. Tonya Bonner, Instructor and Licensed Professional Counselor
"Even from when I came to school here I think the best characteristic is that the teachers really care. Everyone takes care of each other here and recently there seems to be a new vitality among students."

Dr. Kenneth Hawley, Associate Professor of English
"The people on campus and the opportunity to get to know all the great people that come here. In short, it's what we have to offer ourselves."

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