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Senior Profile - Hunter Henzler

Jessica Steensma, Staff Writer

Nov. 13, 2013

December graduate looks to career in coaching

hunter henzler
Hunter Henzler will graduate in December.

Hunter Henzler is a Secondary Education major and is planning to graduate in December. Hunter is from Slaton, Texas and came into Lubbock Christian University as a transfer student. After graduation, Hunter is looking for a job, specifically somewhere where he can teach and coach. Hunter stated, "Trying to find that 'ideal' scenario as a December graduate is a lot less likely than if I graduated in the spring."

LCU has always been known for it's welcoming community and familiar atmosphere. There is something about being on LCU campus that makes you feel at home and that you belong. Hunter has made so many new friends, some who he would consider his closest friends. I had the privilege of getting to know Hunter this past summer through camps at LCU, and he has a genuine heart, a pure love for people, and I have enjoyed being friends with him.

While Hunter was at LCU, he was a counselor at Camp Champion and Encounter, went on a mission trip to Ecuador with the Education program, participated in two theater productions, and was an officer for the Education honor society, Kappa Delta Pi. "I competed in weight lifting and, although it’s not a school sponsored sport, I had the privilege to represent LCU at a National Championship meet a couple of times, finishing top ten in my respective weight and age divisions." Hunter is very involved in weight lifting, and he has represented LCU admirably in his competitions.

When asked one of his memories from LCU, he said, "the closeness was unexpected at first, but I realized pretty quickly that everyone at LCU is just so welcoming." I think that LCU is just the type of university where everyone is looking out for everybody, and Hunter is an excellent witness to that statement.

Hunter has spent his last semester at LCU in student teaching. Student teaching is the final process of the education program, where the student is in a teacher’s classroom for the entire semester. Hunter stated in one word that student teaching is "rigorous." Not only is he teaching every day, but he is also volunteering with the football team. One of the biggest challenges for Hunter during this semester is time management. "I get up every day at 5 AM to lift weights, and am at the school most days by 7:30 AM. I don’t think I left school before 6 PM, either because football or planning for the next day." Student teaching is a rewarding process, but also one that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Hunter is dedicated to his profession, and will change the lives of hundreds of students.

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