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Popular on Pinterest - Christmas Spirit

Heather Lawless, Staff Writer

Nov. 14, 2013

As a weekly feature, staff writer Heather Lawless will present a look at what is HOT on Pinterest as a guide to making your life easier and more fun.

wall tree
A wall Christmas tree allows one to overcome space issues.

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? Are you ready to start decorating for Christmas, yet? Are you living in a dorm room or apartment that is too small for a tree?

Don't let the issue of space keep you from having a Christmas tree this Christmas. I have an alternative that will allow you to have a tree, without having to give up any floor space.

For this Christmas tree, you will need to get lights, clear tape, and any decorations you would like to put on your tree. When choosing your lights for your tree, the length you want to get depends on how tall and how full you want your tree to be.

Once you have your supplies, start your tree by plugging your lights into an outlet. Start from the bottom of the wall and begin "shaping" your tree by stringing your lights from side to side. Start with making a tree trunk and then string your lights from wide to narrow, taping the lights every time you change directions. After you have put your lights on the wall, you can hang your decorations on your tree. Once you get your decorations up, enjoy your "space efficient" wall Christmas tree.

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