Best Friends Spreads Gospel on West Coast Trip

Dynasty of Faith Touches LCU Students

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May. 20, 2013

Stars of A&E television series appear in Midland as guests for LCU Foundation benefit

Phil Robertson picture
Phil Robertson of the famed reality television family on "Duck Dynasty" shares his faith while demonstrating various duck calls. (below, l-r) Willie, Korie, Phil, Kay, Alan and Lisa Robertson joined emcee Mark Lanier on stage during the Q&A portion of the event.

For a crowd estimated at roughly 3,500 at the Horseshoe Arena in Midland last Saturday evening the simple idea of seeing and hearing from the stars of the A&E reality television series, "Duck Dynasty," was plenty exciting. As the event unfolded it became rather obvious that a special night was in the making and not only did Lubbock Christian University benefit financially from the fantastic benefit event, but lives of many LCU students able to attend were touched as well.

From the outset of the evening, as several hundred patrons were guests at a special dinner in honor of the Robertson family - Phil, Kay, Willie, Korie, Alan and Lisa - it became obvious that the family we all see on the TV screen in our homes each week was, indeed, the same down-to-earth, Godly and faith-driven clan that was on hand in Midland.

"I was working the dinner portion of the night before I had to leave and I thought it went really well!" said LCU volleyball standout Maddie Johnson, one of many LCU athletes on hand to assist with event management during the evening. "Everyone that walked in the doors seemed very excited and some were decked out in their 'camo' gear. My favorite part about the dinner was hearing Phil say a few words and then pray. He told us that no matter what the folks from Hollywood want they are not budging a centimeter (from their faith-driven programming) and want to spread the good news of Christ no matter what people think. I love this and am very glad that we, as Christians, have a face and a say in the media. I think the Robertson family has, and will continue to, help change people's eternities."

While Maddie's comments were based on what she heard during the dinner portion of the event, it was the main program that created a buzz throughout the sold-out arena. Beginning with a "chill-bump-causing" rendition of the National Anthem by LCU's Best Friends, followed by an amazing job by emcee Mark Lanier (LCU Foundation member) and the tremendous presentation by the entire Robertson family, the night was spectacular.

Phil gave a duck call demonstration and throughout the many varying types of calls he impressed upon the audience his love of God and his words were resoundingly positive about what being a Christian in this world is all about. His message was clear and his intent was strong and he did not cut corners in expressing his faith and the faith that his entire family "preached" throughout the night.

With much laughter and many tears the Robertson family shared the most intimate moments in their lives, including times that were not always easy, both financially and emotionally. Their love for each other was evident and their common bond of living the Christian lifestyle was easily detected. That faith, as it turns out, made a resounding impression on the many LCU students on hand.

Here are some thoughts from LCU students that we want to share:

DEVON LANGFORD: "I absolutely loved the event! The inspiration that the Robertson family gives to all Christians is such a huge thing. I don't know of any other family of 'celebrities' that proclaims the name of Jesus the way they do. It is so cool that the Lord has blessed them in this way! The event was a huge success it seemed! There were so many people there, and Best Friends even got quite the ovation! It was very encouraging to hear so many 'Amens' and cheers for the name of Christ!"

BOBBY HOOTEN: "If I were to say anything about the event, it would probably be about how much I was amazed by the pride that the Robertson's showed in their lives. They were not only open about their faith, but they held it up proudly for all to see, apologizing for nothing. The crowd was just as impressed, as was shown by the nearly constant applause at things that the clan said, and the wisdom that they demonstrated in their comments. They stated their beliefs with great pride, but they also made no pretenses that they were perfect people. They discussed their struggles in hopes that others would hear what they went through and in turn realize the redemption that this family experienced and wants so desperately to share with our world."

VICTORIA RICHARDS: "The show was terrific! The Robertson's did a great job of conveying the importance of having a relationship with God. I thought it was awesome that they were willing to talk so deeply about their past trials. We always hear about great Christians doing great things, but it's very rare when they intimately talk about the darkest, most sinful days of their lives. Their personalities really showed during the Q & A when they were able to tell jokes about each other - especially Miss Kay - and talk about their attraction for their spouses. Overall, I think that the show was able to relate to all people - new Christians, Christians that were brought up in a Godly household, and even those who are unsure of their faith."

KATIE CAPPS: "Having the opportunity to listen to the Robertson family was just like having a conversation with all of them. Each one of them portrayed themselves as a normal person and were not star struck at all. I believe the only reason for this is because of how deep and how important their relationship with Christ is to them.  In everything they said and did at the event, Christ came first. They truly are people who want to share the love of Christ with others. It was a joy to have the opportunity to listen to them and to be a part of the evening."

SHANNON SUDDUTH: "Being able to work at this event was such a blessing, and huge opportunity. It was amazing seeing everyone's hard work come together to make this event run smoothly. Being able to watch and interact with the Robertson family was also a huge blessing. Every single one of them were true testaments of the Christian faith, and displayed it in their actions and what they talked about at the event. Their message to the audience was real and honest to who they are as Christians in the world of reality television, and that they always try to convey that the most important things in life are faith, family, and ducks."

KACEY DETERDING: I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty and the way they are so out spoken with their faith. They're a rare type of celebrity who isn't afraid to celebrate their love for God. The event was a great experience and the show was very entertaining! It really showed what they are like off camera ... which isn't different at all!! Overall I had a great time and getting to see them was something I'll remember forever!

KATLIN REED: "I thought the Duck Dynasty show was great. They did a really good job reaching out to everyone and they acted the same on stage like they do on the show. It was very entertaining and it definitely made me appreciate who they are and what they stand for even more."

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