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Modest is Hottest

Kelsey Ried, Staff Writer

Nov. 8, 2013

Modesty in choosing attire also creates a certain respect

modesty in dress
Modest dress also creates a respectful opinion by others.

Almost everyone, especially those coming from Christian backgrounds, has heard the phrase "modest is hottest." I am a firm believer in this. Modesty is an issue that has been on my mind a lot lately from my observations of others as a college student and as a student teacher. This is not an issue that only affects women, but it seems to apply more to them in the situations I have encountered.

I have heard multiple girls complain about the dress code here at Lubbock Christian University. "Why can't I wear these shorts? What's wrong with this dress? I'm an adult, I shouldn't be told what I can and cannot wear." I, for one, am glad we have it.

Recently, I went out to eat with my parents at a restaurant that markets more toward college students. My mom had commented on a girl's skirt that had passed by being a little too short for her liking. It wasn't until then that I realized the majority of the girls in the restaurant were not dressed modestly. Their clothes were hip, stylish, and trendy, according to the wonderful world of fashion. However, as I observed more closely it seemed these clothes only kept them covered up if they stood straight up and perfectly still. Some shirts or dresses kept them from raising their arms and short skirts and shorts kept them from sitting comfortably or even slightly bending over for fear of exposing themselves. They all seemed uncomfortable and I don't understand why you would put yourself through that just to look good or catch a guy's eye. I was embarrassed for them because the whole idea appeared so silly.

Dressing immodestly is distracting for men, but it is also distracting to women as well. This type of dress doesn't make others envy your brands or your body ... it makes them feel uncomfortable. As I said, I am glad LCU has a dress code, mostly for the fact that I don't have to be around inappropriately dressed women all day. I understand that some women dress the way they do to receive attention from men. They want to be perceived as "beautiful" or "sexy" and feel empowered and self confident when described in this way. In doing this, they cause men to lust and stumble in their walk of faith which should not be something to strive for. What they don't realize is, yes, they receive the wanted attention from men their age, but men of all ages are seeing them the same way. That, in and of itself, should be a deterrent in my opinion.

This article is not meant to attack anyone for the way they dress, but to raise awareness of the issue. Modesty is being respectful to yourself and those around you. It keeps you from receiving unwanted attention and helps avoid some awkward situations. Modesty keeps secrets and mystery instead of putting it all out there - it's all together courteous. It shows self-respect and dignity, which can get you far in life.

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