Hard Work Pays Off for Follies


Students are trying to recuperate and social club members have once again seen the light of day for the first time since the beginning of rehearsals. Selecting winners for the 2013 season proved to be a daunting task:  every group stepped up to the plate and showed the audiences the fruits of their labors over the past couple months.  Although the decisions were difficult to reach, the winners are as follows:

Spirit of Follies:  LOA
Clad in green flight attendant uniforms, the ladies of LOA chimed "Let’s go to Lubbock International!" The women gave a stellar performance, heavy with humor and dotted with bursts of break dancing! Covering songs such as Adele’s "Rumour Has It" and Carrie Underwood’s "Before He Cheats," the women of LOA didn’t allow their smaller numbers get in the way of their school spirit! Way to go, ladies!

Special Effects AND Women’s 1st Place:  Zeta
A legion of undead college girls made their appearance at Lubbock Christian University this winter with Zeta’s Follies show. Dancing the "Thriller" and removing limbs from one another, the women gave a strikingly hilarious performance this season as a group of zombies. Their zombie walks were perfect, and the outstanding make-up, costumes, and big hair contributed greatly to the authenticity of the show. The women of Zeta set the bar high this year, and their diligent work and long rehearsals certainly paid off. Awesome job, Zeta!

Women’s 2nd Place:  CDs
Wow! The women of Christliche Damen gave quite a show this year with their awesome concept:  50s-era housewives stuck in a black and white world. Gray-scale props, images, and costumes were matched with the the performers’ black lipstick and powder-white skin, giving the effect of a black and white TV show. The women’s vocal presence and blend was exceptional, and their music selections resonated with audiences. By the end of the show, the women had traded their black skirts for multi-colored clothing and the gray backgrounds were turned around to reveal brightly colored sets. Amazing performance, CDs!

Men’s 1st Place:  Koinonia
The men of Koinonia delivered an outstanding show this year. Donning yellow dinosaur costumes, the group was faced with the task of constructing their own boat in preparation for the oncoming great flood. Their amazing musical performances, song selection, humor, and set design all contributed to their superior performance this year. If you didn’t make it to Follies this season, you definitely missed out on a truly entertaining group of guys.

Men’s 2nd Place:  Kyodai
Devon Langford, experienced Follies hostess, made a special appearance in this year’s Kyodai show … as their hostage! Clad in blue lab coats and obscenely large goggles, the men portrayed mad scientists who had taken the young hostess as their prisoner. This year’s group gave a hilarious and strangely convincing performance this time around. By the end of the routine, the tables had turned as their hostage ensnared them in a trap of her own! Awesome job, Kyodai!

People’s Choice:  Sub-T16
Audiences were certainly in for a surprise with this year’s Sub-T performance! The men stunned audiences this year with their side-splitting routine as old men residing in a nursing home. However, they were able to maintain their famous "randomness:"  a Sub-T member dressed in a Christmas tree silently sauntered his way across the stage throughout the duration of the show! Their hilarious performance obviously resonated with audiences this year! Way to go Sub-T!


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