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About 50 years ago, a group of ladies who had a great love for Lubbock Christian University decided to combine their love of the school with another one of their favorite things: cooking. The LCU Associates accept recipes from hundreds of people associated with the university and compile the recipes into a community cookbook. The LCU Associates cookbook, "Treasured Recipes" has been a publication that has spanned 50 years of our school’s history with three editions published since 1961.

In 2011, several ladies decided that it was about time to put together a current cookbook. Carol Dahlstrom, co-chairman of the "Treasured Recipes" committee spearheaded this publication, along with Jan Crockett, Judy Childre, Cecelia Jones, and Hoycille Valentine. These lovely ladies worked hard to publish the third edition of the cookbook: a 50th Year Anniversary Edition of "Treasured Recipes" that has sold an incredible amount of copies and is still selling rapidly.

"It’s a great legacy for our generation to have," Dahlstrom says. She commented on how neat it is to be able to submit a favorite recipe, whether it is your own or your great grandma’s. The amount of heritage in this cookbook is incredible; not to mention, the recipes aren’t too terrible either.

One man in Austin loved a "Treasured Recipes" pumpkin pie so much that he attached the recipe to the pumpkins he was selling at his home church. The cookbook is a blessing to families in the community, as well as an advertisement for LCU itself. The cookbook received the award of 2nd Best Cookbook in the nation from a publication company that produces thousands of cookbook’s annually.

This cookbook is a legend. It is a legacy. And I have been given the opportunity to present to you how wonderful these recipes are. I can’t wait to get started.

Every week, I will be cooking one of the recipes from the 50th Anniversary Edition of "Treasured Recipes" and writing an article about the experience for The DusterToday. The cook within me is elated. The writer within me is ecstatic. And the roommates within my apartment are not too upset about being taste testers.

Do you have any recipes you want me to try? Any stories about one of these recipes that you would like me to feature? I would love to hear from you! Please email me at mbryant9874@lcu.edu.

Next week I will attempt my first recipe. Hope you come back to read about it! Until then I hope you have a blessed week.

Tastefully yours!


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  1. I would love to have that pumpkin pie recipe! I am looking for a copy of the first cookbook with no luck. Do you happen to know where I could get a copy? I collect cookbooks, that is my hobby!
    Thank you!

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