A New Song for Music Majors


As the sweet sounds of Master Follies come to a close, music majors are following a new melody to TMEA in San Antonio this weekend. TMEA stands for Texas Music Educators Association. The TMEA is responsible for the district, region, pre-area, area, and state auditions held for high school students.  The weekend is an important experience for most music majors who eventually want a teaching career in their field.

As music majors, it’s our job to learn all we can about our occupation. Not only because music is complex and has many layers but because you can never learn enough! We learn how to teach music, how to learn music, how to correct practice habits, how to teach choir or band, how to teach disabled children, how to teach with iPads and new technology, etc. We go to have fun and learn, said sophomore pre-music therapy major, Megan Duren.

Of course, these are not the only upsides to TMEA for Music majors. The trip benefits them all in a unique and personal way. They learn about music outside of just their field of specialty. They learn valuable techniques they can apply in their future classrooms. They even learn important information about obstacles they may have to face on their way to becoming teachers.

TMEA offers a session on the Texas Music Educators Entrance Exam and the information is given by the authors of the exam. It is very valuable information for anyone planning to teach, said sophomore music major, Meredith Ramirez.

The convention is also beneficial for people who arent necessarily going to teach. For people like Duren, the convention offers techniques to help her benefit society as a whole. She can use this information to teach others on a whole different level. For others the trip benefits them in more simple ways: it offers them a chance to step out of their comfort zone.

Aside from the educational aspect of the trip, it is fun to get to spend time away from school and see, outside our little bubble of the music building, what other teachers are doing in the classroom. I also think this trip has a significant role in solidifying friendships within the music department. I have great memories from last year and I hope to create new ones this year," said sophmore music major, Kayle Morin.

Wish all the music majors a fun weekend as they set off for the TMEA. Dont lose your voices, guys, and have a great trip!


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