SMASH: Second Monday Art Hoedown (and Poetry Reading)


This past Monday, the monthly SMASH which stands for Second Monday Art Studio Hoedown had guest appearances by Dr. Matt Byars and his Poetry Writing Workshop class.  On top of the usual art, drawing and fun, many people shared their poemsslam poetry style.  Black turtle necks and berets were optional and the art studio provided classy candy cigarettes and drums.

As the picture above, which I painted with water colors proves, you dont have to be good at art to come have fun at SMASH.  There are free snacks, like pie and coffee, to munch on at every event, all while supporting a great department here at LCU.

If you havent checked it out, stop by the next SMASH on Monday, March 10th.  The new art studio is really worth seeing and SMASH is an awesome chance to see it.  You can paint some pictures, draw, and hang out with other students and some faculty.  Unfortunately, I cant guarantee any more slam poetry this next time around, but Im sure theyll make do without it.

Draw a better picture than the one I drew and have a good time at SMASH!


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