Best Friends: Spiritual Leaders


Lubbock Christian University has been so blessed with the singing group Best Friends. Not only do all members have an incredible vocal ability, but more importantly they give the gift of God’s glory as they sing and spread the word of the Lord to our university as well as to churches around town and around the state.

Best Friends consists of ten members: five guys and five girls. They perform a cappella adaptations of popular Christian radio tunes. Every year, the group releases a CD compilation of their current arrangements. They also occasionally lead chapel, Blur, and tour to surrounding churches to perform.

Personally, when I hear that the group will be singing at chapel or certain church services, it gives me that extra boost and the motivation I need to worship God with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I have had the privilege of filming Blur when the group performs and they leave such a lasting impression on the audience. They are inspirational and spiritual leaders at LCU and will continue to lift our spirits as the semester comes to an end. I am looking forward to what the group has in store for us in the semesters to come.

Music samples, information about members of the group, and an upcoming performance schedule can be found at


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