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LCU groups have seen all kinds of voting since we got back from spring break.  There’s been Mr. and Mrs. LCU, votes for Senate, and, starting last week, the social clubs have started nominations and voting for club positions. Voting for social clubs is a long and hard process that depends largely on how the club presidents decide to run the allotted time. Whoever is voted into the leadership positions are the people who are going to represent your club to future members.

Unfortunately, voting can cause some unwanted drama. This is especially true for the women’s clubs. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of running against someone in pursuit of the same goal. However, this can open up the floor for harsh critiques and judgments made not only by peers but by the individuals themselves as well. Voting can build up or destroy someone’s self-esteem in the blink of an eye. This is one glaring and daunting fact that just doesn’t go away.

Remember when entering the process to have an open mind. If you are someone running for an office, take care not to get caught up in the competition. Whoever gets the position should be someone who cares about the club and the people in it. You can’t focus on being the best you can be for that position if you’re too busy trying to upstage the other person running.

If you’re not running, don’t toss someone out of the process just because you don’t like them or don’t necessarily talk to them all the time. You can’t make an accurate decision unless you truly listen to what everyone has to say.

Voting is by no means an easy process. Even when you go in with an open mind, someone is likely to be hurt. Whether or not you are hurt by something that’s said in critiques or get upset because you didn’t get the position, at the end of the day you are still all sisters and brothers in club and in Christ. What’s important is ultimately how you come away from the whole process.

Will you embrace the position you are given and do your best for the club? Will you walk away knowing that – even though you didn’t get the position you wanted – there’s still hope for another year? Voting is long and hard, but worth it in the long run. Just make sure to go in and leave with God. He has His plans for you whether you get a position or not.


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