The LCU Scholars Colloquium


The annual Lubbock Christian University Scholars Colloquium is happening this week on our campus. Despite going to school on campus, many students still don’t know what the Scholars Colloquium is.

The Scholars Colloquium is an annual event every spring semester that highlights the scholarly achievement of the students and faculty of LCU. The colloquium is mostly forum based, where the students or faculty present their findings and scholarly work, and then time is allowed for people to ask questions and discuss the work presented.

This year, the Scholars Colloquium features many guest speakers, such as the keynote speaker Dr. Kenneth Elzinga. Dr. Elzinga is professor of Economics at the University of Virginia and a devout Christian. He is presenting his research entitled, “Adam Smith; the free market and the Christian.”

Also, a guest speaker in chapel on April 10th was Dr. Cathy Box. She spoke to the student body about the need for scholarly research and individual study, as well as why and how students should study what they are interested in.

Some participants in the colloquium presented poster projects, which are on display in the Student Union Building (SUB) until Friday April 11th.

If you can’t make the breakout sessions Friday, there’s always next spring. Go and support your classmates as well as learn something interesting. The LCU Scholars’ Colloquium is a unique experience every student should see and participate in.


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