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If you haven’t read William Paul Young’s The Shack yet, plan to read it soon. The Shack is just 266 pages and it is one of those books that is a “fast read.” You can quickly read through the book and be given a deeper understanding of the relationship God wants with each of us.

The Shack is a one-of-a-kind invitation to journey to the very heart of God. Through my tears and cheers, I have been indeed transformed by the tender mercy with which [Young] opened the veil that too often separated me from God and from myself. With every page, the complicated do’s and don’ts that distort a relationship into a religion were washed away as I understood Father, Son, and Spirit for the first time in my life,” said Patrick M. Roddy, Emmy Award-winning producer for ABC News.

The Shack follows the life of Mackenzie Allen Phillips, or Mack. Mack and his wife, Nan, have five kids, Jon, Tyler, Josh, Katherine, and Missy. Throughout their lives, Mack and Nan have always gone to church, but Nan has always been more engaged with the experience. Nan even refers to God as “Papa.” Mack, however, doesn’t understand how someone could have such a rich and intense relationship with God. He believes, but he doesn’t have that deep relationship God requires of him. Mack and Nan’s lives are changed by a tragic accident, which occurs at “the Shack.” Mack refers to this accident as “The Great Sadness.” When Mack receives a strange note from “Papa” to meet him at the Shack, Mack journeys to the Shack only to find his life changed.

The Shack is a great piece of literature that gives insight into how God wants a deep and connecting relationship with his sons and daughters.


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