Theatre Opportunities: Steel Magnolia at CATS


A familiar show to many theatre connoisseurs, Steel Magnolias at CATS is a success from the first line. In addition to a well-written script, the play has a complete recipe of quality, entertaining ingredients.

Steel Magnolias was co-directed by joint team Cornelius Brown and Dana Coulson and is 1 of 10 shows in CATS 2014 theatrical season.

The cast of six women is phenomenal in its entirety. There is not a weak link among them. Each one is riveting with their portrayals of the events occurring in Chiquapin Parish, Louisiana. They display a blend of humor and drama as the tale unfolds. CATS has an intimate stage to begin with, but the actresses manage to make the story even more personal with their performances.

The set is busy, but in a way that is both practical and realistic. Since the whole story takes place in Truvy’s Salon and the story reflects all the happenings in the town, true to the typical gossip of a small-town salon. The props include a variety of hair care products, a working shampoo station, and 80’s uplifting propaganda.

To be fair, the whole show is so delightfully 80’s. Tacky Christmas sweaters, timely jokes, and poofy hairstyles abound.

Everybody who’s anybody gets their hair done at Truvy’s and goes to see Steel Magnolias at CATS. The rest of the shows are Friday and Saturday nights the 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th at 7:30. Tickets are $12 for students and $15 for adults.


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