Fantasy Football is Ruining the NFL Fandom


By Wade Stramp, Staff Writer

Fantasy Football is a statistic-based game in which friends from all over the globe draft a team of real NFL players and compete against one another. But in the eyes of the millions of people who play fantasy sports, it’s not just a game. In fact, for many people, the game within the game has taken priority over the actual game that is played on the field.

I came to this realization last week when I was watching the Cowboys vs. Patriots game with some friends. A friend of mine, a lifelong Cowboys fan, fist pumped when Julian Edelman of the Patriots caught a touchdown. That’s right – my friend was rooting for the ENEMY for the greater good of his fantasy team. This example is simply a microcosm of a mentality that is becoming all too common in homes and sports bars across the country.

What happened to the days of everyone getting together to root for the same team? Instead, “football fans” are more interested in how their individual players are performing than the actual game itself.

Is the comradery of NFL fandom coming to an end?


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