The Cowboys Are Done If They Don’t Win Their Next Two Games


It’s time to hit the panic button, Cowboys fans. What was once a season full of promise and Super Bowl aspirations has turned into a nightmare in nearly every way possible. After losing Dez Bryant and Tony Romo to injury, the two most irreplaceable players on the team, it was no secret that Dallas would have their hands full keeping their head above water until Bryant and Romo’s return. But did anyone expect the Cowboys to be winless five weeks into the post-Romo saga?

It has become clear that Romo is even more invaluable than any of us thought.

But even with everything going wrong that could go wrong, the Cowboys still have a shot at sneaking into the playoffs, albeit rather bleak. The ‘Boys are currently 2-5; last in the NFC East, but only two and a half games back from the first place Giants. Typically, the magic number to make the playoffs is 10 wins. Since 1990, 90% of teams with 10 wins have made the playoffs. Teams with 9 wins have just over a 50/50 chance of making the postseason. This means Dallas must win eight of their next nine games to almost guarantee a spot on the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys are winless this season without Romo and must play at least two more games without him.

The Cowboys have the Eagles and Buccaneers next on their schedule – both very winnable games (even for Matt Cassell). If they are able to win those two games, Dallas will be able to afford one loss, possibly two, over their final seven games with Romo back at the helm.

Is such a feat possible? Absolutely. In the five games without Romo, Dallas has had a legitimate shot to win every game (excluding the onslaught by New England). So with a healthy Tony Romo, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the Cowboys to make a splash during the home stretch.

Is it likely, though? Probably not. Dallas will have to be nearly perfect from this point on to salvage their season – a difficult feat for any team.

But there is hope, Cowboy Nation, and at the end of the day that’s all a fan can ask for.


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