Was Ronda Rousey’s Loss Staged by the UFC?


Ronda Rousey was handed her first career loss in the UFC on Saturday, a spectacle being called the biggest upset in UFC history. Holly Holm, a 19-time world boxing champion, had Rousey looking helpless, a position we’ve become accustomed to seeing Rousey’s opponents in, not Rousey herself.

Just days before the fight, Rousey was called the biggest lock in all of sports.

Which begs the question, was Ronda Rousey’s loss staged by the UFC?

In Rousey’s eight previous title fights, only one went past the first round. In fact, Rousey was able to finish five of those fights within the first minute. Rousey quickly became one of the most recognizable female athletes in all of sports. And while fans could do nothing but marvel at her mastery, the routine nature of her dominance also become her Achilles heel. Fans were losing the desire to buy her fights because she was too good.

Unlike athletes in other sports, fighters in the UFC don’t have a guaranteed salary; they are sole proprietors and are paid for their ability to sell a fight. The more attention they draw, the more people buy their fight.

Rousey getting knocked out in spectacular fashion has brought more attention to her than any victory she has ever had. And she’s about to get a massive payday because of it.

Un-coincidentally, UFC President Dana White announced shortly after the fight that a rematch is in order as soon as the former champ is ready.

So was the stunning knockout the biggest upset in UFC history? Or was it a business move that will bring both fighters the biggest paycheck of their career?


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  1. Of course it was business move! UFC fighters do not get in the octagon because they love the fact that they have a large risk of getting knocked out, their nose broken, their arm dislocated or all of the above. UFC fighters do what they do because they are “sole proprietors” in the business of fighting. So, yes it was a business move. Every fight in the UFC is a business move. People paying to watch the fights and see them in person are the ones paying fighters their biggest paychecks of their careers, along with corporate sponsors paying their share as well.

    To say the UFC staged the fight is rediculous. There have been numerous rematches between many other fighters in the past with just as much hype, shock and awe. These rematches have often resulted in serious injuries that keep fighters from fighting until they recover. This can sometimes take more than a year. This impacts the fighting business in a negative way… sponsors don’t like it, the fans don’t like it… money is lost.

    The UFC is one of the most popular sports in the world and brings in huge profits. The UFC doesn’t need to stage a fight to bring in more money. The UFC is still growing in popularity, has its own market, product and customers.

    Rhonda was simply defeated by a superior fighter with more experience than any other fighter she had faced before. The head kick she suffered could have easily ended her career. The UFC wouldn’t have taken that much risk with one of their most popular fighters for a simple rematch.

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