NEEDTOBREATHE: Tour de Compadres


On the twenty-first of October, a few friends and I went to the Tour de Compadres. NEEDTOBREATHE has been around long enough that they are able to invite their favorite bands and friends on tour and head around the country. We got there early enough that the few of us LCU kids were able to gather and stand front row, against the stage. It was nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd of strangers.

This tour specifically featured some of the bands that made up middle school Me’s playlist. She fangirled the entire night, finally being able to afford tickets to the show and drive herself there.

The first band of four was Welshly Arms whom I had never heard of before the night of the concert but I’ve had on repeat ever since. They weren’t what I had expected at all, melding genres quicker than I knew what to do with. Their songs progressively got better and better throughout their set, and I was so impressed. It was entrancing to see the gospel singers mix with the intense rock lead guitar and singer’s raspy voice. The small gospel couple were probably the best part of the concert, making appearances in other acts as well.

Following them was Parachute, who I think preceding the show I was most excited to see. I have listened to them as long as I can remember, and it was such a refreshing flashback to finally get to see them live. My love of their poetic writing was rekindled and it was an amazing show.

Matt Kearney has some very well-known songs, and he put on a great show.  In comparison up against NEEDTOBREATHE and Parachute and Welshly Arms, he wasn’t the highlight of the night for me. His music was a little more pop than anything else though, so it could have purely been a preference. Either way, I would still love to see him again.

By the time NEETOBREATHE came on, my feet were tired, my phone was nearly dead, and people were cramming in so close we could barely move. But it was oh, so wonderful. The adaptations of their songs and the new album meshed with the old ones in a collection of an amazing hour and a half that completed the evening. The gospel couple joined the band half way through and accompanied them. It was well worth the tickets that I bought my first week at college. I am keeping my ticket stubs, and that concert is something that I do not wish to soon forget. If you get the chance, go see any of these great artists, do something crazy, and go see a concert with your friends in college. You won’t regret it.


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