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Someone wise somewhere, probably on Pinterest, once said, “A well-read woman is a dangerous woman.” Who is this lost guru of delicious printed word food? Honestly, I’d like to shake his hand, or her hand for those that may be offended by my title as not being “equal.” That’s your opinion and this is mine. Any-who! What a statement.

In my incredibly long life (jokes, it’s been 21 years) and intense knowledge of women through many relationships (again…jokes), I have come to realize that the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with must be a reader. Not just a reader of casual Great Illustrated Classics, but of the real stuff, the meaty stuff, the hard stuff that makes you stay up till 3:17 am to finish the book that you just know will pulverize your very soul when it ends. She must be a reader who would rather spend time talking about her book and how the characters did something incredible, or incredibly stupid, than talk about the fact that a celebrity somewhere is having twins or something silly like that.

Why? Why must she be a reader? One, so she can think on her own. Reading unlocks the mind and imagination to new places and new perspectives, allowing the reader to decide for herself what she wants to do in and with this life. Two, so there can be an intelligent conversation held for more than two minutes. And third, so she’ll get to Heaven! Of course, I’m joking about the third one but…seriously…it’s a necessary requirement for salvation.

Reading is so much more than just practicing your words. It is about expanding vocabulary, learning how to better speak, how to think in different ways, how to imagine new worlds and come up with head-canon that makes each character your own. It is about discovering exciting new adventures beyond the bland existence that plagues us from time to time. It’s about expanding the personality and being willing to let go of preconceived notions about life, society, humanity, and God. Seek out this woman with all your might! Find her and never let her go. Give her a coffee IV, a steady supply of books, possibly a plate of brownies, put on her favorite music, and dive into the beautiful chaos that is books with that woman. It just might be the best adventure you ever take and the best decision you ever make.


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  1. Well written, good sir!

    You have a very engaging way with words, and I must say the title is what made me decide to read this. I also agree that a well-read woman is also an intelligent, fun, crazy woman too. It saddens me when girls tell me they can’t cook, don’t know how to sew a button, can’t tell who the Vice President is- I’ll stop right there before I make someone upset.
    I will say that I disagree with “seriously…it’s a necessary requirement for salvation” as that is an inaccurate statement. Reading the Bible is a necessary requirement for knowing more about Him. Salvation comes by acceptance and following Him. Someone who accepts Christ on their deathbed won’t have long to read.

    However, you get brownie points for mentioning giving brownies. Give your future wife brownies, every once and a while, and she will show you love forever.

    Thanks for the read! It was a nice break from homework.

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