The Importance of Being Understood


Entering any situation and leaving with a feeling of being understood is always a good thing. Whether it be ideas that you have in a work place, or a relationship, feeling like you have been heard and the other person/people are reciprocating is a good feeling.

Everyone is different. The way that we speak, and interact, and show appreciation, and love reflects who we are. The Love Languages test has determined that there are five main ways that people show and receive love.

  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service

Everyone most likely uses a mixture of these everyday, but there are things that definitely make a different sort of impression. It is also typical of people to show love in the way that they receive love best. The example above is my personal order. Though someone close to me may be spending time with me or hugging me, if their top love language is receiving gifts, we may not be connecting as deeply as we could be. Though two people could be showing love in the best way they can, if that is a difficult way for someone to receive love, the person could still feel unloved or like their friend or significant other isn’t trying very hard.

This is a common thing, and it’s extremely helpful to know your close friends’ and family members love languages.

It’s so interesting to me that God creates us all with such a variety of interests and perceptions of things. How much better could we understand people if we realized that someone may be trying their best to reach out to you and it just isn’t your first language so it’s less likely for you to tell.

The “5 Love Languages” test takes ten minutes and has an option for “single” or “in a relationship”. I’ve taken both. It’s such an interesting reflection and I recommend it for anyone, even if just to personally learn more about yourself.


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