Advice From A Graduating Senior: Joshua Dansby


Name: Joshua Dansby

  1. What made you choose LCU?

I chose LCU mainly because it was the only option I had aside from South Plains. But also because my siblings attended here, and I knew that it was a good place to be.

  1. What was your first year at LCU like? Experiences? Likes and dislikes?

That first year was crazy, fast, exciting and overall really fun. It was a time where I knew I could be me, and that was just fine. It was really a big year for me being kind of on my own for the first time; I got my driver’s license so that added a new level of independence that I hadn’t experienced before. I was at anything and everything possible, from intramurals and social events on campus, to club events, performance ensembles, and anything else that popped up.

  1. What has your last year been like? Experiences? Likes and dislikes?

This last year has really flown by. While still being over-involved, it has honestly been a very relaxed year. I killed myself over the last few years taking lots of hours so this year has been very simple, and that is been nice to enjoy some down time. My only dislike is that is finishing up too quickly. Being involved as the lead in the musical and a member of Best Friends has provided me with fantastic opportunities to share my talents, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

  1. What has been your favorite experience at LCU?

One of my favorite parts is being an Orientation leader and helping the freshmen start the year off right by showing them they can be themselves. It gives me an opportunity to get to know the new students and have a little fun before the crazy semester kicks off.

  1. Least favorite?

8 am classes.

  1. What, if anything, would you change about your time at LCU?

I would have gotten more involved earlier like Senate or ENACTUS to really do something good for the community. Then I’d learn to say no to the mounds of other things that come up.

  1. (Final, most important question) What advice would you give to incoming Freshmen/Students?

Don’t worry about days ahead; each day has enough trouble. Focus on the day and events and the people around you now and make the most of those times. The Lord has it all in mind and is working for your good. Each day the sun sets and the sun rises, and that’s a good reminder to take each day as new as the morning light.


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