Advice From A Graduating Senior: Taylor Bonner


Name: Taylor Bonner

  1. What made you choose LCU?

I chose LCU primarily because my father works here. Because of this, I was able to experience LCU before I graduated high school and enjoyed the friendships I was already forming.

  1. What was your first year at LCU like? Experiences? Likes and dislikes?

During my first year at LCU I was primarily focused on building friendships and a social-life. I liked the intimacy of LCU and all of the social-clubs.

  1. What has your last year been like? Experiences? Likes and dislikes?

My last year has been focused mainly on academics. Like all seniors, the inevitable senioritis set in and I found myself really desiring to move on and leave LCU. I have liked the opportunity to take the courses I have taken in the Bible department as they have been very influential to me. I have disliked my apathy towards relationships due to my senioritis and longing to graduate and leave.

  1. What has been your favorite experience at LCU?

My favorite experience at LCU have been in the classroom of my Bible classes. I have made tremendous friendships in those classes as well as grown spiritually and intellectually.

  1. Least favorite?

My least favorite experience was the amount of stress I was under due to the demands of my classes. Taking 3 semesters straight with 18 hours each took its toll on me.

  1. What, if anything, would you change about your time at LCU?

I would have changed my major earlier so I wouldn’t have had to take so many hours in each semester

  1. (Final, most important question) What advice would you give to incoming Freshmen/Students?

To remember that LCU is not your identity. There will be struggles among social clubs, friendships, classes, and there will be the various unexpected things life brings our way. It is important to not allow these things become our identity, or we might feel as if we are lost when these things do not go the way we think they will.


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